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Poetry Blogging and Slam Poetry

After reading an academic article from American Studies, African American Literary,  “Contemporary “Black?” Performance Poetry,” I believe that I could make a connection between poetry blogs and slam poetry for one of the papers I’m currently writing. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, but as Birgit M. Bauridl continued writing her article, I found the connection between poetry blogs and slams becoming increasingly apparent.

For one, both blogs and slams aren’t considered a “highart”form. Poetry slams occur in bars and cafes usually and blogs… well obviously anyone can write those. 🙂

Another connection I found is the importance for both poets to make a good impression and build a relationship with their audience. Those performing at poetry slams receive a score from the audience present and poetry bloggers can receive feedback in the form of comments from their readers.

And this brings me to another similarity, both poetry slams and poetry blogs are a type of public performance of poetry. Right? Obviously you can see how poetry slams perform poetry, but I would argue that poetry blogging also performs poetry. Authors post their poems; they design their site; they choose the colors, background, fonts, hyperlinks….this is all part of performance.