Ideas for Portfolio

I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly I want to do for my portfolio. I’m nearing the end of the semester and I still need to create an advisory committee/board. I emailed my advisor and asked him if I could meet with him this week for next semester’s classes. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many literature classes offered, so it will be interesting to try to mold the class to my portfolio idea (which I currently have not solidified.)

Probably I need to do that soon.

I know I have an idea… I think. If I just keep digging I eventually will strike gold. Portfolio gold.

I know I want to do something with narrative technique and how authors construct reality in a believable way.

I like 18th and 19th century British and American literature.

How can I combine these? Do I need a more specific genre? I like memoirs, but I also find first person fiction narratives fascinating. How does the author build trust with his readers?

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