About Me

Hello friend! Look around and read about my journey through graduate school, if you think it’s worth investigating. 🙂

I’m working on getting a Masters in English Literature at Oklahoma State University, specifically hoping to focus on 18th and 19th century British and American literature and the ways in which authors create reliable narrators. Whether that is by looking at 1st person fiction narratives or something more similar to a memoir, but that’s definitely where my interest lies–at least right now. 🙂

I also have huge heart for Teaching English as a Second Language, and I would love be able to pursue that passion more. Right now I have my TESOL certification and have been leading some classes and meeting individually with students.

Additionally, I’m intrigued by digital technologies and their effects on college education (specifically with regards to blogs–how are they viewed/what is their purpose?–, and I have also done research on digital distraction and writing.) This blog is an outlet for me to process the multiple aspects of higher education. Maybe my different interests can twist themselves together here. Literature definitely faces some competition when faced with the mind numbing social media outlets and Netflix.

Dreams? I’d love to open a coffee shop/bookstore and lead classes in both ESL and literature. (Yes, I dream small…hahaha….) I believe that this would allow me to share my passion with those who would really appreciate and love it. I want to use my passions to minister to others. We’ll see what happens in the future, but I’m enjoying it one day at a time. I spend a summer in Japan volunteering at a seminary’s coffee shop and teaching English. It was arguably one of the best summers/periods of my life.

Hobbies? Well, everything I’ve already mentioned, but most importantly I love studying the Bible. It’s rich and it’s Truth, something that is often obscured in my classes. I love journaling, praying,  being involved in my local church, meeting friends at coffee shops, running, reading for FUN, browsing bookstores, dreaming, driving down country roads, thinking, and deep conversations with my friends and family. Baking and blogging are also favorite activities. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have as many hobbies and interests. I’d be able to focus and spend more time on one thing if there weren’t always so many things running through my mind. However, I try to use that as a gift and see how to connect as many of them as possible and inform my thinking that way. Oh, and knitting and quilting, but those have had to have been put aside for a little bit.